Dangerous Road

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The Jakarta Post, Wed, 03/05/2008

The government may use funds, which were returned by corruptors to repair roads.
Cilegon, Banten

Don’t blame the rain. Blame the New Jakarta governor. If he could fix this problem we give him two thumbs up. If not, sorry, we give him two thumbs down.

The poor condition of roads reflect a misplaced sense of service of the government. It shows lack of vision and an inability to accomplish work. Roads and traffic must be properly re-engineered and modernized to provide better public service. Government must understand that roads are a public investment entrusted to them by the people.

Jakarta’s roads are in bad condition because we can’t control our city administration. We don’t know to whom we can communicate if there’s a problem. We must be involved in controlling the city administration so that they can serve us much better.
Tangerang, Banten

Execute budget holders who live beyond the means of their salaries. Ensure quality materials, techniques and contractors are used for roads and drainage work. The city is a disgrace.

There is no seriousness by the city administration to resolve this problem. The damaged roads have the potential to cause serious accidents and jeopardize the users as they are not aware of the holes. Actually, the officials are supposed to set the measures to tackle it and to allocate special funds for the repairs. Jakarta’s roads are so bad. It is caused by the lack of supervision from the city administration when the developer did their job. Those officials are just happy after the project finished and received the report without seeing whether the materials meet standards or not.
Tangerang, Banten

Generally, roads are made for the next 20 years. Certainly some negligence is done during road construction. In European countries, roads are made very properly, why can’t they be here?

In an effort to overcome the damaged city’s roads including roads heading to Tanjung Priok Port, the city administration together with the central government needs to take emergency action by spending a special budget for repair and maintenance as soon as possible. Unless such an effort is carried out, I am very sure the country’s economy will face more losses and it makes for a high-cost economy.
Tangerang, Banten

Heat and humidity topped with rainwater and bad flooding due to a bad drainage system causes havoc for roads unless good quality asphalt is used and the drainage system is proper for the roads. Jakarta’s climate is hot and humid and rainy and its drainage system poor, which causes the asphalt used on roads to erode. Hence, strong and good quality asphalt should be used and the drainage system cleaned and maintained well, all of which can avoid the road conditions which are common in Jakarta.

I think they (government officials) design it that way. Where city’s roads quality is so bad, there will be serious damage to the road everywhere. So by doing that they make sure there will be some projects for them to be done every year. More projects mean more money for them, of course. Because if they fix the road with high quality at one shot, then they have nothing to do the next year. That means no money, which means no chance for corruption.

It is strange that the governor is silent and not taking action on the issue of damaged roads at all. Are we not a part of Jakarta? But unfortunately nobody in the administration cares and no citizen has any say as usual.


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